The company

RSI designs, produces, installs refractories and provides technical process assistance, directly with its own specialized personnel and with the support of manufacturing companies refractories with which it has had joint venture relationships for several years

stabilimento RSI

Refrattari Speciali Italia

Since 1996 RSI has been a company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of special press-formed, chemically bonded, special parts with vibrating systems, by strainer, by pestle, cooked and/or stabilized, (standard shaped according to UNI DIN standards).

Refrattari Speciali Italia is a company specialized in the construction of special designed products (anti-slag barriers for tundish, anti-turbulence wells for tundish patented by us, vaults for electric furnaces, unloader holders, porous baffle holders, oriented diffusion porous baffles, casting channels, etc.), made with our thixotropic, self-casting concretes, etc. at our factory in Pisa.

stabilimento RSI

Since 1996 it has been a company specialized in:

  • Manufacture of special pieces based on drawings
  • Refractories
  • Installation
  • Technical and process assistance
  • Shaped as standard
  • Capping mass for AFO and ferroalloys
  • Refractory concretes
  • Capping masses
    • Pestellable
    • Spray masses
    • Plastic
  • Powders and granules
  • Reducing, thinning, deslagging and release products
  • Insulating materials
  • Sensors and samplers